Redlight District of Tijuana (Current)

This series started in the spring of 2015 when I was studying under Martin U. Waltz. I created a project for myself of documenting a neighborhood.  The neighborhood is the redlight district of Tijuana.  I planned to shoot for a year.  It's now been seven years since I started and I continue to shoot and document the people in the neighborhood.

Select Past Series

Smoking in Japan

Japan has outlawed smoking on the streets, but there are many spots where you can smoke.

Fremont Street Buskers

This was a shorter series from Las Vegas.  I was curious about the people who populate Fremont Street and perform for tips.

Bombay Beach Biennale

There is a small resort town on the edge of the Salton Sea that was largely abandoned when the waters of the sea became toxic. Several years ago, a group of artists began to transform the town with art and music and performances. There is now an annual festival in Bombay Beach but it is by invite-only. I was fortunate to be part of it in 2018.

Army Roots

There is a small but active reggae scene in Tijuana. Army Roots was one of the bands, headed up by Ras Manuherbs. They are on hiatus right now but I do hope they gather together again and play soon.

Drag Mafia of Tijuana

These girls perform in regular bars and plazas around Tijuana rather than traditional gay bars. Their performances are fresh and themed. 

Hotel Marysville

For a brief period of time, I was a project manager for a developer who owned the massive and abandoned Hotel Marysville.  He was very pro-arts and gave us permission to do a photoshoot within the abandoned building.  The final photos from this series are printed in sizes ranging from 3"x3" up to 24"x24".

Then, Now, Later

This series started in 2012. When I initially shot these photos, I did not realize that eight years later, I would dive back into them to further explore philosophies with the model Greg Withrow.

Ayotzinapa: 43 Who Disappeared

At the fundraiser for the 43 students from Ayotzinapa Guerrero, Mexico who were killed by the Narco-government for fighting for justice and democracy for everyone. They were future teachers from the normal rural school. In Spanish, they were called Normalistas.

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