I'm a photographer and a folk artist. I've never gone to school for art, though I read up on it from time to time. I document people and environments. I paint saints and visions.

In the summer of 2022, I published my first book of photographs - Collage de Rachel Wrong. Collage de Rachel Wrong is a peek into the life of an American woman working as a prostitute in Tijuana, Mexico. This book combines Rachel's poetry, photographs by me, and paintings by Gregg Stone, along with other elements based on Rachel's collage work.

When I met Gregg through a friend in Tijuana in 2015, we discovered we had a mutual goal of documenting the unnoticed and unseen elements of a culture. Rachel Wrong opened her life to us and Collage de Rachel Wrong is our tribute to her.

other info:

I owned one of the larger galleries in Northern California - Art-O-Culture - representing more than 70 artists in 6,500 sq feet of space in Marysville, California.

I was the executive director for the Arts Council of Beaufort County.

I worked as the midnight shift girl at the Mister Donut in Florida.

I like big old cars.

I like big old dogs.

I have an art car - The Art-O-Mobile.

I was the executive director of the Mary Aaron Museum, the official museum of the City of Marysville, California.

I live on the eastern seaboard of the US and in Tijuana.

I like the beach.

I shoot nudes.

I don't like cold weather.


send me an email to lily@onlinelily.com

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